The Body in Space

If we are looking at perception, and perception is an understanding of the world…how does the physical body and its placement in reality affect perception? How does the body relate to the perception of architecture? How is architecture defined in relation to the body?

Every outcome depends on initial input…That is to say, one’s perception can only be formed by one’s experience in life. This sounds simple enough. In addition to this, architecture exists with or without the body.

Every experience that someone has throughout an entire lifetime is the sum of what they know. This includes every person they ever spoke to, or every place they ever went (real or fantasy), everything they ever read, topic they researched, discipline they studied, music they heard, food they ate…etc, you get the point. It is impossible for someone to know what they have never been exposed to in one form or another. These experiences are the initial inputs of data that shape and influence one’s life. They are stored, combined and multiplied, imagined and realized in the mind, where perception takes place.

The body is the container, the physical vehicle for the mind. It is equipped with sensory inputs for seeing, touching, hearing, tasting and smelling, continuously gathering data; adding information to the confluence of perception. It also provides mobility to take the mind to arenas of new experience and understanding. The body experiences as it moves through space allowing the mind to engage and interpret the input data. Perception is the deciphering of the data and validation of the combined experiences presented to the body and mind. Architecture then, is the space the body moves within. It is the source of the input data and can be qualified as everything outside the body. Every space the body inhabits…every sound in that space…every sight of that space…

Does this suggest that every room is architecture in relation to the body inside the room? Is every street considered architecture as the body moves within it? Are cars, trees and furniture part of the ideological sense of architecture? Are other people outside your own body considered architecture? Is the screen you are staring at right now architecture?

Or is architecture just buildings and the making of them?

Or is architecture a discipline of thinking and designing space…in relation to the body?

I think it is a matter of perception…


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